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What is kief?

Kief is a sand-like collection of cannabis trichomes which have been detached from the original cannabis plant. Trichomes are the glistening resin bulbs that you see growing all-over your favourite cannabis plant. Due to their fragility, they can be shaken or washed from the plant using a variety of methods. This is also what you’ll find accumulating at the bottom of your grinder.

Dry sift kief requires some old-fashioned elbow grease and the mechanical use of screens or sieves. Bubble hash uses ice water, gravity and sieving bags to achieve a more refined product. The finer the sieve = the less plant material left in your kief.

What is hash?

Brands: 1964 Lebanese Hash, Vortex Afghan Black Hash, MTL Sage n Sour Hash

If you take some kief, then apply the desired heat and pressure, you will end up with the world-renowned hashish. This can be molded into ball, bricks, whatever form your heart desires. Traditionally, hash was even rolled by hand. Depending on the grain of the base material used, hash can have a ‘dry’ or ‘oily’ consistency.

Bubble hash involves the water process previously described in the Kief section. Shout-out to the legendary BC Bubbleman!

What are THCA Diamonds?

Brands: Virtue Infused Joints, Glacial Gold MAX THC

By applying specific heat and pressure to cannabis resin, one can separate the cannabinoids (THC) from the ‘sauce’ (terpenes). Over time crystallization will produce the iconic ‘diamonds’. While lacking in flavour, these cannabinoid formations can be splashed with ‘sauce’ to re-integrate the plants original tasty profile.

Since THCA diamonds are essentially THC unto itself, they are a favourite of potency seekers. These can be added to infuse joints or dabbed in your favourite rig.

Now you’re officially on your way to being an infusion master! Please remember to enjoy these high potency products responsibly!

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