Welcome To City By The Park Cannabis – Your Ultimate Weed Dispensary Destination On Cambie

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Located near King Edward Station, City Cannabis, City By The Park is more than just a weed store; it’s a sanctuary for both cannabis aficionados and newcomers. Our weed store offers an unmatched experience in the realm of cannabis, underscored by our dedication to quality, diversity, and customer satisfaction.

Explore an Extensive Range of Premium Cannabis Products

Our Cambie marijuana store takes pride in presenting a broad selection of top-grade cannabis products. Whether you’re in search of indica, sativa, hybrids, or CBD-rich varieties, we cater to all preferences with our expansive and curated selection.

Diverse Cannabis Edibles for Every Preference

Our weed dispensary excels in a vast assortment of edibles. From gummies to chocolates and more, we offer alternatives for those who prefer not to smoke or vape. Our expert staff is always ready to assist you in finding the perfect edible to suit your needs.

All-In-One Cannabis Accessories and Paraphernalia

City Cannabis, City By The Park is your go-to destination for all cannabis-related accessories. From vaporizers to rolling papers, we stock everything you need, making us your one-stop weed store.

Unique Green Room Experience at Our Weed Store

Our Green Room is a special feature of our dispensary – a cozy area where customers can relax and roll joints. It’s a social and comfortable space to enhance your cannabis experience.

Committed to Exceptional Customer Service and Expertise

At City Cannabis (City By The Park) we’re passionate about guiding you through your cannabis journey. Whether you’re an experienced user or new to cannabis, our team is here to offer expert advice and personalized service.

Convenient Extended Hours for Your Needs

Understanding our customers’ diverse schedules, our weed dispensary offers extended late-night hours. This ensures accessibility to our premium cannabis products and services whenever you need them.

Efficient Same Day Cannabis Delivery Services to Your Doorstep

Extending our services beyond the store, we now offer weed delivery to Vancouver, Richmond and Burnaby. Enjoy the convenience of having top-tier cannabis products delivered directly to your home.

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