What’s inside your favourite Infused Joint? Part 1?

Let us be your guide through the tip top THC section of our pre-roll menu!

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Lesson 1 …

What is a resin?

Brands: Dab Bods Pink Frozay, Sherbinskis, Nugz Kingpins

Resin is at the heart of each trichome on the cannabis plant. Using a variety of methods, this resin can be “blasted” or “washed” from the plant. Say goodbye to plant matter! This resin contains not only THC but also cannabinoids, terpenes and a vast variety of other compounds.

Added to a traditional joint; this infusion will add natural flavours and potency as it teams up with the rolled flower!

What is a rosin?

Brands: Days & Infused, Simply Bare Rosin Roll

Whereas resin is “washed” from the plant, rosin is “squished”; yes indeed, the magic of heat and pressure. Using an industrial-grade press, micron bags and infinite knowledge – you too could become rich in rosin.

What you see is what you get. The final product being a reflection of the flower’s qualities and the mastery of the creator. Fully unadulterated, containing every aspect of the original plant.

What is distillate?

Brands: General Admission, Soar Infused Blunts

Take a cannabis resin, keep the THC and leave the rest behind. What are you left with? A super concentrated THC extract known as THC distillate. Versatile and cost effective, this concentrate is effectively flavourless and odourless. Producing a more generic effect, distillate is often paired with botanical terpenes to add flavours.

Distillate is commonly found in a variety of product categories including edibles, vapes, pre-rolls and concentrates.

Join us later this month for the lowdown on Kief, Diamonds and Hash!

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