Legends tell of the MAGI residing on the Isle of Saltspring…

Through trials and tribulations, they have honed their abilities. Divine cannabis graces their lands. Seed, water and sun. Sprouting with love and care – their garden has flourished for the world to enjoy. Join us, embark upon a journey of the mind as we light fire to this Saltspring Magic

Hippie Headbanger – Sativa

(Sour Diesel x Biker Kush)
“Fuel, citrus, and musk, a psychedelic symphony for your senses!”

hippie headbanger cannabis magi cannabis 02

Timmy’s OG Shark – Hybrid
(an ancestry shrouded in mystery)
“A smoky jazz club: skunk, musk, and a hint of cigar leaf – the kind of bouquet that’d make even the hippest cats snap their fingers!”

Salty Pink – Indica

saltypink cannabis indica magi cannabis 01

(Pink Kush’s Pacific Northwestern cousin)

“Strong musk, fuel, and a hint of buttered toast – it’s like a beach bonfire feast at sunset!”

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